Case study reports (Structural characteristics, functional characteristics and effectiveness)

These reports present an overview of the in-depth analysis performed on a total of 35 case studies, carried out during the AGriDemo-F2F project. These 35 cases represent a diverse array of demonstrations approaches and activities, occurring throughout Europe.

The analysis focuses on 3 main aspects of on-farm demonstrations:

  1. Structural characteristics (D3.2), involving characteristics related to the network, actors involved, roles of actors and governance;
  2. Functional characteristics (D4.2), describing mechanisms and tools that are being used for recruitment, interaction and learning during the demonstration; and
  3. Peer learning characteristics (D5.3), which aim to capture the effectiveness of demonstration approaches, by looking at both the event and nature of learning that takes places during demonstration event.

Data was collected by all partners, following the methodological guidelines for data gathering and analysis (D3.1-4.1-5.2).