FarmDemo Training Kit: Design guide for on-farm demonstrations

From the 56 PLAID & AgriDemo-F2F case studies, we learnt how to target, prepare, carry out and evaluate effective demonstration activities. All these lessons inspired the FarmDemo Training Kit which includes tools, resources and a guideline aiming to help to improve the organisation of demonstration events at farms.

The guide offers an overview of the most important elements that should be considered when it comes to preparing, carrying out and evaluating on-farm demonstrations. It proposes 6 simple steps to follow when designing an on-farm demonstration event, starting from a clear definition of the objectives and ending with a good evaluation and follow-up. Throughout, this guide offers concrete tips and tricks and provides specific tools to support the design of your event.

This guide is the result of a strong collaboration between the 3 FarmDemo projects PLAID, AgriDemo-F2F and NEFERTITI

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