Posters of case studies: On-farm demonstrations across Europe

From the inventory of organisations and demonstration farms carried out in 2017, Agridemo has selected a sample of cases to closely analyse the learning process based on on-farm demonstrations. Therefore, along 2018, partners of the project are visiting those farms and organisations, attending demonstration events across Europe.

The following posters summarise the information collected by Agridemo about the events, identifying key aspects of those on-farm demonstrations. They cover the preparation and organization of the demo (objectives, topic or motivations of the demonstration), setting-up and performance, relation with the audience and follow-up activities.

These real experiences will contribute to identify good practices and, at the end, what is needed for an effective on-farm demonstration. Posters about demonstrations carried out till July 2018 have been presented and discussed at the 4th Agridemo general meeting and IFSA conference in Chania.

Click on the name of the case study to download: