WP 2. Framing, Inventory and Case-study selection

The aim of this WP is to develop a comprehensive geo-referenced inventory of open commercial farms that engage in demonstration activities in Europe and describe the mediation techniques they apply. This inventory will be co-designed and co-produced with the PLAID consortium.
To achieve this, we will develop:

(1) Analytical framework with characteristics of very diverse demonstration activities (individual farms, programs and projects) based on an in-depth desk study and expert and practitioner consultation including stakeholders from relevant EU funded agricultural innovation projects.

(2) Based on the analytical framework, we will provide a procedural guide to collect data for the inventory.

(3) Collect, document and synthesize the data for the inventory. A standardized data collection, based on the framework and procedural guide, will be achieved through an online tool, to ensure uniform and comparable data. Reference to other inventories and databases structures developed in other CSA projects (AGRISPIN, PROAKIS, SMARTAKIS) or by EIP AGRI itself when designing the inventory will ensure its compatibility of outcomes and optimize its usefulness.

(4) Select case-studies for an in-depth comparative analysis in WP3, WP4 and WP5. Therefore, we will construct a typology based on theframework and the inventory to assist in this selection and to ensure adequate diversity in our case studies. This will entail good geographical coverage and representation of allkey farming sectors while ensuring a sufficient cross cutting thematic coverage to represent a number of interests and priorities in Europe. At the same time, we will address the continuum from low to high tech innovative farming practices.