WP6 – Comparison, upscaling and policy recommendations

The objective of this WP is to derive general conclusions reaching beyond the individual case studies and to synthesize results of the different cases in order to derive best-practices for demonstration on open commercial farms and to derive policy recommendations on that matter. This is achieved by comparing the case studies’ status quo, and applying (‘upscaling’) findings to wider geographical areas in discussion with key stakeholders in the case study regions and in supranational institutions. Findings of AgriDemo-F2F and PLAID will be combined to provide more meaningful conclusions.

Specific objectives of WP6 are:

(1) Critically compare, assess and upscale the findings of WP3-5 through comparative analysis across and within different case study regions.

(2) Draw on this comparative analysis to identify best practices for on-farm demonstration activities using multi-actor meetings.

(3) Draw on best practices, generic and specific, to support the planning of suitable policies for strengthening farmer to farmer learning approaches.