EFA Galicia is a federation that integrates 3 training centers in the region of Galicia. It is an institution founded in 1971 to promote vocational training in rural areas, with priorities to support the development of its territories by the promotion actions and technical assistance to professionals and small businesses of the rural economy. www.efagalicia.org.
The EFA centers are the vocational training centers delivering the official certificates in vocational training, recognized in the European Union. They develop formal, occupational and continuing education in the agricultural sector. EFA training centers are part of UNEFA (Spanish network of EFAs), AIMFR (transnational network of EFAs), and also integrates the FORTEC Network – Network of training continuing education centers, at the national level.

The Federation of EFA in Galicia has expertise for over 30 years in the implementation of vocational training and qualification activities in technical areas of the rural economy, continuing education programs and promotion of employment actions training – action.
EFA rely on a team of trainers and experts in agriculture and rural development which for years are focused in training professionals and support actions and projects with farmers, women and youth in rural areas of Galicia region

Contribution in AgriDemo-F2F:

  • Responsible for the field activities in Galicia: test the tool, conduct interviews, give feedback,.
  • Participation in project working groups
  • Participation in the identification of demonstration farms in Spain
  • Participation in communication and dissemination of results


Constante Lorenzo: Agronomist, he is trainer in agricultural facilities and systems of production, expert in local development with participation in different programs and activities of training and support to local actors. He has experience to work with groups of farmers and farms animation networks

Key tasks in AgriDemo-F2F:

  • Participation in WP2 and WP3


José Manuel Campos: He has a Degree in Economic Sciences Trainer in ICT and Technical Director IDTR (Rural Research and Technological Development) with extensive experience in development and adaptation of teaching materials especially in rural development projects using ICT, website, web platforms and mobile applications creation. He is the responsible to develop and coordinate the technological projects in EFA

Key tasks in AgriDemo-F2F:

  • Participation in WP2, WP3
  • WP7 Communication and dissemination results


Rosa Leis: She is an expert in rural development, postgraduate in policies of inclusion and social insertion and she has a degree in Philology. She works since 2002 for the Projects Management Department at EFA Galicia as a manager and transnational cooperation coordinator of rural development projects.

Key tasks in AgriDemo-F2F:

  • Participation in WP2, WP3
  • Administrative tasks