Are you interested or involved in on-farm demonstrations? Do you want to gain new knowledge and share your experience with others? Then you are welcome to join the Farm Demo Conference in Brussels on 21st May. You will learn from others, discover the do’s and don’ts in organizing on-farm demonstrations and test and try different tools.

The Farm Demo Conference is the largest event designed to enhance peer-to-peer learning within the farming community and it’s a close collaboration between 3 European projects funded under Horizon 2020 – PLAID, NEFERTITI and Agridemo F2F.

It will bring together all farmers, advisors, researchers, policy makers, industries and other actors that want to learn, discuss, share experiences and good practices for organising on-farm demonstrations with impact.

During the conference you will be able to:

  • Listen! Commercial farmers and innovation actors, actively involved in on-farm demonstration will share their experiences.
  • Join in! During parallel discussions, you will be able to discover how demonstrations can be organized successfully to optimise impact.
  • Interact! You will be able to actively test and try different tools for effective demonstrations.
  • Participate! A round table discussion with an expert panel will discuss the future of farm demonstrations in the EU.

Participation is free of charge, but we encourage you to register. Agenda and registration form are available through the following link: