Since January team is moving forward and working the to do list agreed in the project meeting celebrated in Vienna. Tasks for the next 6 months include selection and deep analysis of a sample of the inventoried farms, open the FarmDemo Hub and contribute to the FarmDemo Supra-regional European meetings.

In first term, now that the inventory of farms is finalised, is time to select a sample of those cases for a closer analysis and find out what are the key elements and good practices that make a ‘farmer to farmer ‘ demonstration to succeed. Therefore, during this term, the team will select around 30 out of almost 800 inventoried farms to carry out the case studies. The sample will try to cover the wide range of typology of farms, farming sectors and demonstrations across EU. Once the list of cases is ready, from April onwards Agridemo-F2F members will visit those farms, attend in-situ demonstrations and analyse the information and data collected.

On the other hand 2017 ended with a pool of demonstrating farms inventoried but also mapped. This first set of geo-located farms is the starting point of FarmDemo Hub to be developed by Agridemo-F2F, which is moving forward and will be launched during the first half of 2018. This platform, that initially will contain the main outcomes of the Plaid and Agridemo-F2F projects, will be a meeting point to be used by farmers and other actors to share and promote information about demonstrations. Tools for publishing, sharing or filtering information will help all users to get the most from FarmDemo Hub.

As happened during 2017, Agridemo-F2F will keep cooperating with Plaid project in 2018. In February and March we will contribute to the FarmDemo Supra-regional meetings organised by them. There, experts from both projects will present the preliminary results of the inventory carried during the past months. The meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • Southern countries – Venice, Italy 7 th February 2018
  • Eastern countries – Cracow, Poland 20 th March 2018
  • Northern countries – Leuven, Belgium 28 th March 2018

Find more information about the FarmDemo supra-regional meetings here. To know more about the farm inventory or the Hub do not hesitate to read the short pills in the first newsletter by Agridemo-F2F.