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FarmDemo supra-regional meeting of Northern countries in Leuven

Following the lead of the previous Supra-regional meetings for Southern and Eastern, countries, on 28th March 2018 took place the FarmDemo Supra-regional Meeting for...

Broadening the network and aligning efforts with the EIP AGRI

On 27th March 2018, Agridemo visited the EIP AGRI Service Point office in Brussels aiming at establishing contact and exploring synergies with the EIP...

FarmDemo supra-regional meeting of Southern countries in Venice

Past 7th February 2018, Agridemo-F2F and Plaid project partners joint for the FarmDemo Supra-regional meeting of Southern countries. Meeting was organised by Plaid Partner...

FarmDemo supra-regional meeting of Eastern countries in Krakow

The next of the planned FarmDemo Supra-regional meetings – for Eastern Europe countries - was organised by Plaid Project and held in Cracow, Poland...

Agridemo-F2F presents collaboration with PLAID and NEFERTITI at 2 cross fertilisation events

"Interactive innovation in action – Multi-Actor projects learning from each other" - 8 March 2018 “The Role of Thematic Networks (TNs) in EU Agricultural Innovation"...

What’s coming for January-June 2018?

Since January team is moving forward and working the to do list agreed in the project meeting celebrated in Vienna. Tasks for the next...

Farm Inventory: Country Report Posters

Portugal Bulgaria Cyprus France Greece Italy Slovenia Austria Malta Spain  

General meeting in Vienna

This meeting will be held in Vienna in January 2018, from 10th to 12th. AGES will be our host.

PLAID and AgridemoF2F invited at the SCAR-Akis-Meeting in Lisbon

It will take place as a side event to the Agricultural innovation summit.